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E-Pharm Joint Force - 2 oz - 733428007039

E-Pharm Joint Force


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SKU 733428007039
Weight 0.5 lb
Dimensions 1.375” W X 5.000”H X 1.375” D

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Topical Relief For Elite Athletes. What you are holding in your hand is the first of its kind. It represents a revolution in connective tissue injury treatment. We have employed a whole new class of ingredients that promote joint health in a brand new way. By targeting the localized immunological environment of the joint we have managed to (1) shut down inflammation and (2) set the conditions for rapid regeneration. This product is designed to product results that fat exceed any existing product of its kind.

Directions: Apply small thin later to knees, elbows, shoulders, lower back, or any other joint areas that require pain relief and healing. Use continuously for sustained results and to help promote connective tissue regeneration.

Warnings: For topical use only. Do not ingest. May cause dry and irritated skin with extended use (use of moisturizer may minimize this). Flammable.