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Supplements for Beginners

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Ok so you walk into a GNC or Protein shop because someone told you to get protein powder and the sells guys bombards you with a bunch of shit. Trying to get the hell out of there he is trying to sell you BCAAs, Creatine, preworkouts, and a whole lot of other shit you never heard of. Well good news, we aren’t going to do that. Not at first anyways ;-). 

Here is a quick breakdown of the main supplements you should look out for if you are wanting to get a little extra boost in your workouts.

Protein Powders

The most common one used by people that workout is whey protein. If working out is new to you and you’re trying to build muscle, you’ll require more protein than you normally would. Normally you will need about 1g of protein per body weight. And sometimes this is hard to reach with just eating your regular foods. This is why most people use protein powders in order to reach their daily intake goals. Typically an ounce of meat has 6.5g and a scoop of powder has roughly 24g depending on which one you get. You want your whole foods to account for most of your protein intake.


This is where it starts getting exciting. Your pre-workout is comprised of several different components. To make it simple one of the more active ingredients is caffeine, which provides you with the energy to workout. Aside from caffeine, the main things that you need to look for in a pre-workout are BCAAs (building blocks of protein), Beta Alanine (increases muscular endurance), and Creatine (helps with strength and fatigue). If you are sensitive to caffeine or heart problems it is strongly recommended that you do not take them. You can always just take BCAAs before your workout.


Fat Burners

This being the magic pill we all wish it was. Fat Burners usually come in pill form and are the most misunderstood of the supplements. They are made of ingredients that help you with energy, mood, and appetite suppression. They however will not be a magical pill that you can ignore hard work, and a well thought out meal plan. They will help in your weight loss goals but you have to remember that 80% of weight loss is diet. Eating right and taking fat burners will help shed weight but remember Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your body.



BCAAs are amino acids and the essential building blocks of protein. These can not be made by the body. This along with protein is the most crucial supplements to take. Especially if you are following a strict or low calorie diet. It is best to take it before and after workout. They are instantaneously digested and help prevent muscle breakdown, which helps lessen muscle soreness.


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