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Easy Way to Lose Weight

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5 Things you need to starting doing right now to get on the right track of weight loss. 

  1. Calorie Deficit
    You need to calculate your macros and find out what you need to eat on a daily basis so that you don’t go off track. Being prepared is what will get you to continue on the right path. OH and don’t forget to buy a food scale, $20 is nothing for the best investment you can make.
  2. Sufficient protein
    You need to be consuming an adequate amount of protein. Remember eating too much of anything will still make you gain weight so you need to consume within your limitations. .8-1.2g X your bodyweight is normally sufficient.
  3. Resistance training
    That’s right! It isn’t necessary to do cardio after cardio. Lifting weights provides you with a better calorie burn during and for the next 24hrs after your workout.
  4. Water
    Water, water, water, water. It is essential to stay hydrated. If you are thirsty that means you are already dehydrated. DRINK WATER!!
  5. Sleep
    This can and may be the hardest one but it is important to get plenty of rest. Your muscles grow and you body does all the repairs needed while you are catching your Z’s. So make sure you get plenty of sleep.

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