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What it takes...Where to Start

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This is where we are going to start. With everything out there it can get confusing. You can spend an entire summer asking people how to supplement, workout, and eat to lose weight. I am going to tell you right now that losing weight is the easiest thing you can do in life. The hard part is the time it takes. You have to be persistent, consistent and have the strong will power to push through and get where you want to be. It takes time, just like everything else. You have to be patient and have tunnel vision of your goals.

I know where you are at. I have been there. I have been over weight; I have gone through the struggle. Not just once but 4 times. I lost weight, gained it, lost it, gained it, FOUR TIMES. Talk about frustration. It has given me the experience to be able to not flinch if I gain weight. I know how to lose it in various ways, and most importantly the knowledge to be able to share with you the know how to do it yourself.

My goal is to teach you enough so that you can be your own personal trainer, as I did for myself. You don’t have to hire anyone, I want to educate you to the point that you can make the changes you want yourself. It is going to be a long journey, but worth it. Like I said it doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing does.

Let us start from within. This is going to be your foundation and you will need to revisit this as you progress and start losing momentum and motivation. First question to answer is, “why do you want to lose weight?” Don’t give me a bullshit answer or one you think I want to hear. If you want to lose weight to look good naked then say it. This is for you, not for anyone else. Everything you do in life is because you decide to do so, whether other people agree with it or not. Your life! Your choice!

Now that you have a clear answer as to the reason why you want to lose weight, write it down. Then associate a personal value to it. Why is it so important to you? Repeat it every day; this is your driving force.

 “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar

Feel free to add to the value you associated with it. You can also change your reason as why you started. The main point here is not to lose momentum. We want to create a snowball effect that will get you to your weight loss goals.

I can’t drive this point home enough. Remember we are not trying to put you on a diet we are getting you into a lifestyle that will change your life for the better. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, or next week, this is going to take some time. The sooner you realize that and accept it the better for you to get through it. Nothing that is worth it is easy, but if you put a positive value on your goal and stay focused and persistent there is nothing that you can’t do.

There will be times where you want to give up, you hit a plateau, there is no change, these are the moments when you need to push harder and stronger. Don’t stop! Push through that barrier and keep pushing.

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


Stand in front of a full length mirror naked and evaluate yourself and be honest. Do you like what you see? If you don’t, change it! Not tomorrow, not next week, certainly not January 1st, NOW!

You and only you have the power to change your life and your decisions. This is the time that you do it. Come back to this page and read it every day if you have to. If you need more motivation we are here to help. Feel free to contact us via social media, email or text. We want you to succeed and most importantly we want you to Revamp Your Structure. What do you need from us?

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